Erotica Cover Dilemma

I’ve got a cover dilemma. I’m relatively new at writing erotica. So, I’m a little stumped at which cover to use. I’ve got two now for my Hot Groupie series, and I’m getting mixed feedback on this. So, I thought, I’d put the discussion forth to the masses. Which cover would get you to buy my erotica short? Or at least look at the blurb? Any comments will be welcomed. I’m trying to figure out which direction to go cover designer wise before I order more covers done. Thank you for your input.

Here are the choices:

Cover B

Cover A

Cover A

Cover B

One thought on “Erotica Cover Dilemma

  1. Wow, if you got one of these from Fiverr I’m impressed. I’ll have to check out Fiverr- I always assumed that you wouldn’t get quality for $5.
    As for your dilemma, I have to say that cover B would make me click on the title to read the blurb more so than cover A.


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