First of 2016 Releases: The Perfect Date On Call Series #2



Available on Amazon for $2.99 or as a Kindle Unlimited title

It’s finally here. After 3 months of intense writing and revision, the next installment of the On Call series, The Perfect Date, is ready to go. I have to say. This series is taking a little longer than some of my other shorts. In fact, each new installment is turning into a novella. Which is cool with me. Each story project seems to have a mind of its own. Since I’m a pantser, the characters tend to tell me their stories. Some take longer than others.

Of course, you all benefit. So, I can officially say I’m awfully proud how this one is turning out. It’s Pretty Women meets Fifty Shades, except less BDSM. Why? Well, I had some in originally, but it just didn’t work with the characters. Some of the things Jayden is coming up with on his own really don’t need a BDSM kink. He’s a sex worker. He’s all about the erotic and sensual pleasure of his partner. BDSM just doesn’t fit Amanda, and he knows it. So much for some of my behind the scenes thinking. As you can see, my characters talk to me. It’s not crazy if you write it down and call it a book. 😉

So, here’s the blurb:

Jayden. An Aussie male escort.

She can’t stop thinking about him.

Could she fall in love with a male escort?

It was dangerous territory. Amanda was craving her new boy toy with a vengeance. But was it lust or something more? Her loneliness was making her reach out to him again to schedule the perfect date. It would be all fantasy. Could she pretend it was real? Or did Jayden have ideas of his own that would turn the perfect date into something entirely unexpected.

Link to Amazon:

There are two more books in my mind so far in the series. It’s looking like it may stop with four. I personally don’t like a series to ramble on for like 7, 10, 15 installments. It’s why you see that a series of mine will be 3 books or maybe 4. If it’s more than that, it’s unusual. That’s why about book 4 it should wrap up. If it doesn’t, blame the characters. They weren’t done yet with telling their story.

So, enjoy this one. While traveling in the UK, I was being inspired by new stories and ideas. I’ve got a Valentines Story in the works that is shaping into a series called “The Lonely Hearts”. It centers around characters dealing with a holiday. It came from “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. I thought that would be a stand alone. But than I got another idea for Valentines Day. So, thus a series is born. Probably I’ll follow up with St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween which will give three in the series.

Plus, I still have an awesome Roman Slave story in the works. That will prove fun to write. I keep having historical erotic fictions popping up. Way too much fun.

So, 2016 is starting as an inspiring year. I’m glad you’re with me on the adventure. Until next time, -Lynda




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