Get Lucky St. Patrick’s Day With Erotica Deals!

GettingLuckyBannerIt’s here. The big “Get lucky” St. Patrick’s Day Deals start today! You are exclusively getting this through my website/blog and my newsletter crew for three days only, March 17, 18 and 19. You get the opportunity to save big on top, bestselling erotica authors. Over 20 authors have joined me today listing up to 40 titles that will be free or on the deep discount rate of $0.99.

Find stories from contemporary erotic romance, paranormal and urban erotica, fantasy and Victorian, New Adult to suspense, there is something bound to meet your taste or kink.  There are even two giveaways for Amazon Gift Cards to tempt your fancy.

**SO, GET LUCKY this St. Patrick’s Day, thanks to some fabulous, erotica authors!

**EXCLUSIVE with Lynda Belle and participating authors! This is available to our readers and fans as a thank you for how awesome you all are!

 Special Giveaway List:

 Lynda Belle’s $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

 Today’s Book Deals $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Special Book Deals March 17-19:

  • Lady J. L. Jennings: “Corsets and Cravings” ~ A Victorian Romance and Erotic Short Story Collection Vol. II –On Sale for $0.99

  • Lynda Belle’s $0.99 Sale specials

Rockin’ Him Hard:

Highlander Bride Taken:

Bordello of Vampire Pleasure #1:

A Cat For Two:

New Release: For The Women Of Rome:

***Plus, titles in Scottish Erotic Tales, Hot Groupies and Vampire Pleasures series on Kindle Countdown until end of March 19.

***Visit Lynda Belle’s Amazon page:

  • Janet Lynn

FREE Ebook: A Fresh Touch: An Erotic Story by Janet Lynn

$0.99 Ebook: A Fresh Touch Boxed Set: A Trilogy of Erotic Stories by Janet Lynn

  • Veronica Cane

Free ebook with newsletter sign-up: Hotel Mischief

  • April Rider

FREE: Biker Babe: Lady Godiva Book 1 (BBM Motorcycle Romance)

  • Katy Baker

Gripped On sale for $0.99

FREE EBOOK: Touchpaper

FREE EBOOK: At The Party

  • Fionn Jameson

FREE EBOOK: Her Wicked Kiss by Fionn Jameson

  • Daizie Draper-All her titles are $0.99 during sale

Rock Candy :

Nothing But Trouble:

Sorority Saint: Domination & Dance Collide:

  • Jayelle Wye

On sale for $0.99 Brief Encounter (Compulsion #1, a short story):

  • Dani Barbados All titles will be $0.99 for the sale

Taken Under the Troll Bridge:

  • Cordova Skye titles on sale $0.99

Grace’s Special Project:

Seeding the Thief:

  • Cari Quinn Titles on sale at $0.99

Twister (Lost in Oblivion Book 2):

The Boss: Vol 1 (A Hot Billionaire Romance):

  • Nancy Cummings

On Sale at $0.99: The Cuckold and The Fireman(Victorian Cuckold Hot Wife Menage):

  • Lisa Blackwood

Ishtar’s Blade: ($0.99)

  • Ginny Lacey

Done By Doctor: (FREE)

Filled By Doctor: ($0.99)

Stuffed By Doctor: ($0.99)

  • Anwen Stiles

Take Three Please: (FREE)

Golem’s Mistress, Magic’s Price: ($0.99)

Tempting Tasha: ($0.99)

  • Deena Ward

The Businessman’s Tie: (FREE)

  • Tug Johnson

Face First: (FREE)

Good Hard Help: ($0.99)

  • Emma Nichols

Sin at Sea (FREE):

Vixen in Vegas ($0.99):

Heaven in Hedonism ($0.99):

  • Tara Crescent

A Touch Of Blackmail: ($0.99)

Found (Assassin’s Revenge Book 1): ($0.99)


****Get Lucky all year long with free ebooks listed all year round at:

Thanks for joining me for this great deals opportunity!

**Look for the next deal to happen Memorial Day Weekend. Subscribe for information on the next event.





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