Memorial Day Weekend Erotica Deals Free & $0.99


It’s time to stock up for your summer reading list. As promised, I’ve gotten together with more of my erotica author friends, and put together a Memorial Day Weekend List of Deals. Titles are listed as FREE or $0.99, with links and the genre next to the author’s name. Each author has 1-2 titles on the list. These special discounts will only be available until May 30th. So, check them out now. By next Tuesday, the titles will return to their original price of $2.99. Enjoy!

  • Lynda Belle

The Night I Met Her (Exhibitionist/Voyeur) ($0.99)

The Perfect Escort (Aussie Male Escort) ($0.99)


  • Nancey Cox (Futa)

Pleasing the Futa Boss (FREE)


Planet of the Futas ($0.99)


  • Jayelle Wye (Erotic/Sensual)

Brief Encounter (Compulsion #1, a short story) ($0.99)


  • Daizie Draper (BDSM)

Sorority Pledge Saga-BDSM Romance 1-10 Box Set ($0.99)


  • Janet Lynn

Seducing the Music Teacher (FREE)

(Erotic teacher-student romance/spanking)


He Must Have Her: Bloodlove Part I ($0.99)

(Vampire Billionaire Erotica)


  • Cordova Skye (Impregnation Erotica)

Book 1: The Earth-King’s Bounty: ($0.99)


Book 2: Pierced by Cupid’s Arrow: ($0.99)

Plus, I have a new release coming out today. It is the second in the exhibitionist series, and is being released at the special price of $0.99 for a limited time.


The Night I Met Him is available on Amazon for $0.99 and through Kindle Unlimited. 

Meeting Rodger was the last thing on Melissa’s mind this spring break. She was going to rest on the train. But when the gorgeous engineer asked her to join him in First Class for a drink, he was hard to resist. Their drink turns into a sexual encounter throughout the train ending in an invitation to his secret world, an exhibitionist sex club.

Melissa is pulled into Rodger’s world of exhibitionism. He takes her to the exclusive club where people live their fantasies of voyeur and exhibition. She watches another couple display their love making. She’d like to take the women’s place.

Will she have the nerve to take the stage with Rodger?

**The Night I Met Him is available on Amazon at $0.99 or on Kindle Unlimited.

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**You all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. And thank you to everyone that has served your country. -Lynda


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